Drovut Kroniol is a Tier 6 Intelligent Wizard who Works The Back Alleys in a Fantasy world

Special Abilities
Adroit Cypher Use
You can bear four cyphers at a time. Enabler. Granted from Wizard
Guild Training
Your type abilities that have durations last twice as long. Your type abilities that have short ranges reach to long range instead. Your type abilities that inflict damage deal 1 additional point of damage. Enabler. Granted from Works The Back Alleys
Underworld Contacts
You know many people in a variety of communities who engage in illegal activities. These people are not necessarily your friends and might not be trustworthy, but they recognize you as a peer. You and the GM should work out the details of your underworld contacts. Enabler. Granted from Works The Back Alleys
Usurp Cypher
Choose one cypher that you carry. The cypher must have an effect that is not instantaneous. You destroy the cypher and gain its power, which functions for you continuously. You can choose a cypher when you gain this ability, or you can wait and make the choice later. However, once you usurp a cypher's power, you cannot later switch to a different cypher-the usurping ability works only once. Action to initiate. Granted from Wizard
Pool Cost T S I
All Out Con
I 7
I 4
Dust To Dust
I 7
Erase Memories
I 3
Hedge Magic
I 1
Knowing The Unknown
I 6
Retrieve Memories
I 3
I 2
I 6+
I 4 S
Dirty Fighter
S 2
Magic Training
Master Thief
Stealth Skills
Trained In All Actions That Involve Remembering Or Memorizing Things You Experience Directly
Trained In An Area Of Knowledge Of Your Choice
Light Weapons
Heavy Weapons
Medium Weapons
Dmg Skill Pool Type
2 P M L
Hunter/Seeker Level: 3
With long-range movement, this intelligent missile tracks and attacks a specified target (target must be within sight when selected). If it misses, it continues to attack one additional time per cypher level until it hits. For example, a level 4 hunter/seeker will attack a maximum of five times. Roll a d100 to determine the type of attack. Rolled a 27. Inflicts 8 points of damage. Manifest
Shift Boost Level: 8
This cypher boosts one power shift that the user already has, granting them an additional power shift in that category that lasts for one round. For example, if the user has a shift in resilience, they can use this cypher to gain an additional shift in resilience for one round. If the user has more than one kind of power shift (such as dexterity and strength), they choose which kind of power shift to boost. Power Boost
Slave Maker Level: 3
To activate the cypher, the user must succeed on a melee attack against a creature about the size of the user and whose level does not exceed the cypher's level. The cypher bonds to the target, who immediately becomes calm. The target awaits the user's commands and carries out all orders to the best of its ability. The target remains so enslaved for a number of hours equal to the cypher's level minus the target's level. (If the result is 0, the target is enslaved for only one minute.) Fantastic
Limit 5
Appropriate clothing, plus two expensive items, two moderately priced items, and up to four inexpensive items of your choice. Granted from Starting Equipment.
Armor 0
You're quite smart. Your memory is sharp, and you easily grasp concepts that others might struggle with. This aptitude doesn't necessarily mean that you've had years of formal education, but you have learned a great deal in your life, primarily because you pick things up quickly and retain so much.

Choose how you became involved in the adventure:
- One of the other PCs asked your opinion of the mission, knowing that if you thought it was a good idea, it probably was.
- You saw value in what the other PCs were doing.
- You believed that the task might lead to important and interesting discoveries.
- A colleague requested that you take part in the mission as a favor.

Works The Back Alleys
You make your way unseen, stealing from the wealthy to achieve your ends.

You belong to a secretive social club that gathers monthly to drink and talk.
Pick two PCs (preferably ones who are likely to get in the way of your attacks). When you miss with an attack and the GM rules that you struck someone other than your target, you hit one of these two characters.
Possible player intrusions based on your character type:
Advantageous Malfunction
A device being used against you malfunctions. It might harm the user or one of their allies for a round, or activate a dramatic and distracting side effect for a few rounds.

Convenient Idea
A flash of insight provides you with a clear answer or suggests a course of action with regard to an urgent question, problem, or obstacle you're facing.

Inexplicably Unbroken
An inactive, ruined, or presumed-destroyed device temporarily activates and performs a useful function relevant to the situation. This is enough to buy you some time for a better solution, alleviate a complication that was interfering with your abilities, or just get you one more use out of a depleted cypher or artifact.

+2 to your Intellect Pool.
Granted from Intelligent

Possible GM intrusion from your focus:
Thieves are thrown in jail. Powerful enemies are made.

Devoted Defender
available from Defends The Weak
Choose one character you can see. That character becomes your ward. You are trained in all tasks involving finding, healing, interacting with, and protecting that character. You can have only one ward at a time. Action to initiate. page 128 of Cypher System Rulebook