Agent Energy (Leo Larkin) is a Tier 6 Mighty Strong Hero who Travels Through Time in a Superhero world

Special Abilities
Adroit Cypher Use
You can bear four cyphers at a time. Enabler. Granted from Strong Hero
Capable Warrior
Your attacks deal 1 additional point of damage. Enabler. Granted from Strong Hero
Combat Prowess
You add +1 damage to one type of weapon attack of your choice: melee weapon attacks or ranged weapon attacks. Enabler. Granted from Strong Hero
Energy Resistance
Choose a discrete type of energy that you have experience with (such as heat, sonic, electricity, and so on). You gain +5 to Armor against damage from that type of energy. You must be familiar with the type of energy; for example, if you have no experience with a certain kind of extradimensional energy, you can't protect against it. You can select this ability more than once. Each time you select it, you must choose a different kind of energy. Enabler. Granted from Strong Hero
Expert Cypher Use
You can bear three cyphers at a time. Enabler. Granted from Tier 3 Advancement From Strong Hero
Add 1 to the points you regain when you make a recovery roll. Granted from Mighty
Improved Edge
Choose one of your Edge stats that is 0. It increases to 1. Enabler. Granted from Strong Hero
Improved Success
When you roll a 17 or higher on an attack roll that deals damage, you deal 1 additional point of damage. For instance, if you roll a natural 18, which normally deals 2 extra points of damage, you instead deal 3 extra points. If you roll a natural 20 and choose to deal damage instead of achieve a special major effect, you deal 5 extra points of damage. Enabler. Granted from Strong Hero
Practiced In Armor
You can wear armor for long periods of time without tiring and can compensate for slowed reactions from wearing armor. You reduce the Speed cost for wearing armor by 1. You start the game with a type of armor of your choice. Enabler. Granted from Tier 1 Advancement From Strong Hero
Pool Cost T S I
I 1
Call Through Time
I 6+
See History
I 4
Temporal Dislocation
I 7
Time Loop
I 4
Time Doppelganger
I 6+ X
Crushing Blow
M 2
M 3
M 1 X
S 1
S 2
Spin Attack
S 5+
Weapon And Body
S 5
S 2 T
Skill With Attacks
Trained In All Actions Involving Lifting And Throwing Things
Trained In Might Defense Tasks
Trained Without Armor
Mastery With Attacks
T+ S+
Heavy Weapons
Light Weapons
Medium Weapons
Dmg Skill Pool Type
Light Weapon
2 P S L
Medium Weapon
4 P M M
2 P M L
Attractor Level: 10
One unanchored item the user's size or smaller within long range (very long range if the cypher level is 8 or higher) is drawn immediately to them. This takes one round. The item has no momentum when it arrives. Manifest
Sonic Hole Level: 8
Draws all sound within long range into the device for one round per cypher level. Within the affected area, no sound can be heard. (Sonic holes are much-loved by thieves everywhere but can also be used for less nefarious purposes, such as hunting prey and sneaking past enemies.) Fantastic
Limit 5
Appropriate clothing and two weapons of your choice, plus one expensive item, two moderately priced items, and up to four inexpensive items. Granted from Starting Equipment.
Armor of your choice. Granted from Practiced In Armor.
Armor 1
You have a very impressive physique. Your strength, power, and very importance are superior. Whether you're truly the mightiest may be up for debate (and you may have a friendly rivalry about this with other superheroes), but there is no question that you are exceptional. These things make you confident, but you know that you have these physical gifts in order to perform heroic deeds, and unseemly conduct is beneath you.

Choose how you became involved in the adventure:
- You joined the other PCs because they would fail without your strength.
- You believe this endeavor will earn you a lot of valor.
- Another PC asked--rightly--for your help.
- An authority figure told you to do this to show you the value of humility.

Travels Through Time
You can see through time, try to reach through it, and eventually even travel through it.

Powers gained from supernatural creature (demon, angel, werewolf, vampire, etc.).

You and a friend both smoke the same kind of rare, expensive tobacco. The two of you get together weekly to chat and smoke.
Pick one other PC. You are pretty sure you are related in some fashion.
Possible player intrusions based on your character type:
Perfect Setup
You're fighting at least three foes and each one is standing in exactly the right spot for you to use a move you trained in long ago, allowing you to attack all three as a single action. Make a separate attack roll for each foe. You remain limited by the amount of Effort you can apply on one action.

Old Friend
A comrade in arms from your past shows up unexpectedly and provides aid in whatever you're doing. They are on a mission of their own and can't stay longer than it takes to help out, chat for a while after, and perhaps share a quick meal.

Weapon Break
Your foe's weapon has a weak spot. In the course of the combat, it quickly becomes damaged and moves two steps down the object damage track.

Very Powerful
+4 to your Might Pool.
Granted from Mighty

Possible GM intrusion from your focus:
Paradoxes are created. Others remember past events differently.

Legal Intern
available from Interprets The Law
You gain a level 4 follower who is mostly interested in helping with your law-related tasks, but who might also help you in other areas. Enabler. page 157 of Cypher System Rulebook