Loral Daetuvs is a Tier 6 Roach Dealer who Drives Like A Maniac in a Post Apocalyptic world

Special Abilities
Car Surfer
You can stand or move about on a moving vehicle (such as on the hood, on the roof, in the open door well, etc.) with a reasonable expectation of not falling off. Unless the vehicle veers sharply, stops suddenly, or otherwise engages in extreme maneuvers, standing or moving about on a moving vehicle is a routine task for you. If the vehicle engages in extreme maneuvers like those described, any tasks to remain on the vehicle's surface are eased. Enabler. Granted from Drives Like A Maniac
You can move an immediate distance each round on walls or clinging to the ceiling. Granted from Roach
Discerning Mind
You have +3 Armor against damaging attacks and damaging effects that target your mind and Intellect. Defense rolls you make against attacks that attempt to confuse, persuade, frighten, or otherwise influence you are eased. Enabler. Granted from Dealer
Driving On The Edge
You can make an attack with a light or medium ranged weapon and attempt a driving task as a single action. Enabler. Granted from Drives Like A Maniac
Enhanced Speed
You gain 3 points to your Speed Pool. Enabler. Granted from Drives Like A Maniac
Enhanced Speed Edge
You gain +1 to your Speed Edge. Enabler. Granted from Drives Like A Maniac
Find The Flaw
If an opponent has a straightforward weakness (takes extra damage from fire, can't see out of their left eye, and so on), the GM will tell you what it is. Granted from Sharp Eyed
You can extend small wings from your carapace that grant an asset in jumping tasks and allow you to fall up to a short distance without taking damage. Granted from Roach
Your Speed Edge increases by 1. Granted from Roach
Sense By Scent
You can sense your environment even in total darkness. Granted from Roach
Something In The Road
When you use a vehicle as a weapon, you inflict 5 additional points of damage. Enabler. Granted from Drives Like A Maniac
Trick Driver
While driving a car, truck, or motorcycle, your Might Edge, Speed Edge, and Intellect Edge increase by 1. When you make a recovery roll while driving, you recover 5 additional points. When you attempt a driving task or an extreme trick-such as jumping a ravine or other vehicle, spinning in the air, landing safely on another vehicle, and so on-the task is eased. Enabler. Granted from Drives Like A Maniac
Pool Cost T S I
Assume Control
I 6+
Erase Memories
I 3
I 6
Inspire Aggression
I 2
Knowing The Unknown
I 6
I 4
Shatter Mind
I 7+
Spin Identity
I 2+
I 6
I 2
Terrifying Presence
I 2+
I 1 X
Foul Aura
I 5+ X
S 2
Expert Driver
A Particular Sport
Interaction Skills
Sharp Eyed
Stare Them Down
Trained In Disguise Tasks
Trained In Initiative Actions
Trained In Perception Actions
Light Weapons
Heavy Weapons
Insect Prejudice
Medium Weapons
Susceptible To Disease And Poison
You Mimic A Human, But You Are Not As Fierce
Dmg Skill Pool Type
Light Weapon
2 P S L
2 P M L
Catholicon Level: 3
Cures any disease of the cypher level or lower. Manifest
Poison (Emotion) Level: 3
The victim feels a specific emotion for one hour. Roll a d100 to determine the emotion. (Most poisons are not considered cyphers, except for a very few that are unique.) Rolled a 66. Sadness. All tasks are hindered. Manifest
Limit 2
Appropriate clothing and a light weapon of your choice, plus two expensive items, two moderately priced items, and up to four inexpensive items. Granted from Starting Equipment.
Armor 4
You are born of a species of evolved insects once called "cockroach," but that is far in the past. Radiation and forced evolution have radically increased your size, shape, and ability to think. Your exoskeleton mimics the shape of a human being, though not perfectly. When you move about human society, shadows and cloaks are your ally if you wish to pass unnoticed. When those of your kind are discovered, it usually goes poorly for someone. You, however, have a wandering spirit and seek to explore the fallen world and find a new way forward.

Choose how you became involved in the adventure:
- The PCs didn't realize what you were when they asked for your help.
- You've managed to hide your roach ancestry so well that everyone thinks you are like them.
- You are the last of your kind.
- You have a secret agenda, and the PCs were gullible enough to let you come along.

Drives Like A Maniac
Whether balancing on two wheels, jumping another vehicle, or driving head-on toward an oncoming enemy car, you don't think about the risks when you're behind the wheel.

You are part of a maligned minority, but you work to bring the injustice of your status to public attention.
Pick one other PC. That character always recognizes you or your handiwork, whether you're in disguise or are long gone when they arrive on the scene.
Possible player intrusions based on your character type:
Friendly NPC
An NPC you don't know, someone you don't know that well, or someone you know but who hasn't been particularly friendly in the past chooses to help you, though doesn't necessarily explain why. Maybe they'll ask you for a favor in return afterward, depending on how much trouble they go to.

Perfect Suggestion
A follower or other already-friendly NPC suggests a course of action with regard to an urgent question, problem, or obstacle you're facing.

Unexpected Gift
An NPC hands you a physical gift you were not expecting, one that helps put the situation at ease if things seem strained, or provides you with a new insight for understanding the context of the situation if there's something you're failing to understand or grasp.

+1 to Armor.
Granted from Roach

Possible GM intrusion from your focus:
The engine develops a knock. The bridge on the road ahead is out. The windshield shatters. Someone unexpectedly runs in front of the vehicle.

Animate Flying Servantor
You give life an object, which becomes a level 3 follower of your size or smaller. It accompanies you and follows your instructions. You and the GM must work out the details of your servantor. You'll probably make rolls for it when it takes actions. In combat, the servantor usually doesn't make separate attacks, but helps with yours. On your action, if the servantor is next to you, it serves as an asset for one attack you make on your turn. If the servantor is destroyed, you can repair the original with a few days' worth of tinkering, or build a new one with a week's worth of half-time labor. The servantor can fly a long distance each round. It can carry you, but only for up to an hour between each of your ten-hour recovery rolls. Enabler. from Old Gus' Daft Drafts