Nathanael Littel is a Tier 6 Calm Playwright who Calculates The Incalculable in a Historical world

Special Abilities
After hearing a language spoken for a few minutes, you can speak it and make yourself understood. If you continue to use the language to interact with native speakers, your skills improve rapidly, to the point where you might be mistaken for a native speaker after just a few hours of speaking the new language. Enabler. Granted from Playwright
Basic Follower
You gain a level 2 follower. One of their modifications must be persuasion. You can take this ability multiple times, each time gaining another level 2 follower. Enabler. (When you use Basic Follower, the GM may require that you actually look for a suitable follower.) Granted from Playwright
Cognizant Offense
During combat, your brain shifts into a sort of battle mode where all potential attacks you could make are plotted on vector graphs in your mind's eye, which always provides the best option. Your attacks are eased. Enabler. Granted from Calculates The Incalculable
Greater Enhanced Intellect
You gain 6 points to your Intellect Pool. Enabler. Granted from Calculates The Incalculable
Inspiring Ease
Through stories, songs, art, or other forms of entertainment, you inspire your friends. After spending 24 hours with you, once per day each of your friends can ease a task. This benefit is ongoing while you remain in the friend's company. It ends if you leave, but it resumes if you return to the friend's company within 24 hours. If you leave the friend's company for more than 24 hours, you must spend another 24 hours together to reactivate the benefit. Enabler. Granted from Playwright
Quick Wits
When performing a task that would normally require spending points from your Intellect Pool, you can spend points from your Speed Pool instead. Enabler. Granted from Playwright
Subconscious Defense
Your subconscious constantly runs predictive models for avoiding danger. You gain an asset on your Speed defense tasks. Enabler. Granted from Calculates The Incalculable
You can come up with a random fact pertinent to the current situation when you wish it. This is always a matter of fact, not conjecture or supposition, and must be something you could have logically read or seen in the past. You can do this one time, although the ability is renewed each time you make a recovery roll. Granted from Calm
True Senses
You can see in complete darkness up to 50 feet (15 m) as if it were dim light. You recognize holograms, disguises, optical illusions, sound mimicry, and other such tricks (for all senses) for what they are. Enabler. Granted from Playwright
Pool Cost T S I
I 3
Confounding Banter
I 4
Demeanor Of Command
I 2
Discipline Of Watchfulness
I 7
Inspiring Success
I 6
Knowing The Unknown
I 6
Mind Reading
I 2
Predictive Equation
I 2
Predictive Model
I 2+
Speedy Recovery
I 3
Spin Identity
I 2+
I 6
I 1
S 2
Higher Mathematics
Lead By Inquiry
Trained In Four Nonphysical Skills Of Your Choice
Further Mathematics
T+ S+
Light Weapons
Heavy Weapons
Just Not A Fighter
Medium Weapons
Not The Outdoorsy Type
Practiced With Medium Weapons
Dmg Skill Pool Type
Light Weapon
2 P S L
2 P M L
Best Tool Level: 2
Provides an additional asset for any one task using a tool, even if that means exceeding the normal limit of two assets. Subtle
Catholicon Level: 6
Cures any disease of the cypher level or lower. Manifest
Limit 2
Appropriate clothing and a light weapon of your choice, plus two expensive items, two moderately priced items, and up to four inexpensive items. Granted from Starting Equipment.
Armor 0
You've spent most of your life in sedentary pursuits-books, movies, hobbies, and so on-rather than active ones. You're well versed in all manner of academia or other intellectual pursuits, but nothing physical. You're not weak or feeble, necessarily (although this is a good descriptor for characters who are elderly), but you have no experience in more physical activities. (Calm is a great descriptor for characters who never intended to have adventures but were thrust into them, a trope that occurs often in modern games and particularly in horror games.)

Choose how you became involved in the adventure:
- You read about the current situation somewhere and decided to check it out for yourself.
- You were in the right (wrong?) place at the right (wrong?) time.
- While avoiding an entirely different situation, you walked into your current situation.
- One of the other PCs dragged you into it.

Calculates The Incalculable
Awesome mathematical ability allows you to model the world in real time, giving you an edge over everyone.

You once ran a con that cheated important people out of money, and they want revenge.
Pick one other PC. Seeing you use your focus abilities seems to trigger an unpleasant memory in that character. That memory is up to the other PC, although they may not be able to consciously recall it.
Possible player intrusions based on your character type:
Friendly NPC
An NPC you don't know, someone you don't know that well, or someone you know but who hasn't been particularly friendly in the past chooses to help you, though doesn't necessarily explain why. Maybe they'll ask you for a favor in return afterward, depending on how much trouble they go to.

Perfect Suggestion
A follower or other already-friendly NPC suggests a course of action with regard to an urgent question, problem, or obstacle you're facing.

Unexpected Gift
An NPC hands you a physical gift you were not expecting, one that helps put the situation at ease if things seem strained, or provides you with a new insight for understanding the context of the situation if there's something you're failing to understand or grasp.

+2 to your Intellect Pool.
Granted from Calm

Possible GM intrusion from your focus:
Too many predicted results threaten to overwhelm and stun the character. A result points to imminent disaster.

Improved Edge
available from Explorer and Warrior
Choose one of your Edge stats that is 0. It increases to 1. Enabler. page 151 of Cypher System Rulebook