Eugenio Gulgowski is a Tier 6 Learned Lawyer who Works The Back Alleys in a Modern world

Special Abilities
Adroit Cypher Use
You can bear four cyphers at a time. Enabler. Granted from Lawyer
Experienced In Armor
The cost reduction from your Practiced in Armor ability improves. You now reduce the Speed cost by 2. Enabler. Granted from Lawyer
Expert Cypher Use
You can bear three cyphers at a time. Enabler. Granted from Lawyer
Guild Training
Your type abilities that have durations last twice as long. Your type abilities that have short ranges reach to long range instead. Your type abilities that inflict damage deal 1 additional point of damage. Enabler. Granted from Works The Back Alleys
Underworld Contacts
You know many people in a variety of communities who engage in illegal activities. These people are not necessarily your friends and might not be trustworthy, but they recognize you as a peer. You and the GM should work out the details of your underworld contacts. Enabler. Granted from Works The Back Alleys
Unexpected Betrayal
Within a round or two of successfully using Enthrall, Fast Talk, or a similar ability on a target within short range, the first attack you make on that target is eased by two steps. Once you use Unexpected Betrayal on a target, using your abilities or attempting simple persuasion on that target is permanently hindered by two steps. Enabler. Granted from Tier 2 Advancement From Lawyer
Pool Cost T S I
Alley Rat
I 6
Anticipate Attack
I 4
Assume Control
I 6+
Crowd Control
I 6+
Erase Memories
I 3
Grand Deception
I 3
Inspire Aggression
I 2
I 4
Pull A Fast One
I 3
Speedy Recovery
I 3
I 6
Blend In
I 4 S
I 2 T
Dirty Fighter
S 2
Interaction Skills
Master Thief
Skill With Defense
Stealth Skills
Trained In Three Areas Of Knowledge Of Your Choice
Light Weapons
Heavy Weapons
Medium Weapons
You Have Few Social Graces
Practiced With Medium Weapons
Dmg Skill Pool Type
Light Weapon
2 P S L
2 P M L
Attractor Level: 6
One unanchored item the user's size or smaller within long range (very long range if the cypher level is 8 or higher) is drawn immediately to them. This takes one round. The item has no momentum when it arrives. Manifest
Enduring Shield Level: 10
For the next day, the user has an asset to Speed defense rolls. Subtle
Limit 5
Appropriate clothing and a light weapon of your choice, plus two expensive items, two moderately priced items, and up to four inexpensive items. Granted from Starting Equipment.
You have two additional books on topics of your choice. Granted from Learned.
Armor 0
You have studied, either on your own or with an instructor. You know many things and are an expert on a few topics, such as history, biology, geography, mythology, nature, or any other area of study. Learned characters typically carry a few books around with them and spend their spare time reading.

Choose how you became involved in the adventure:
- One of the other PCs asked you to come along because of your knowledge.
- You need money to fund your studies.
- You believed that the task might lead to important and interesting discoveries.
- A colleague requested that you take part in the mission as a favor.

Works The Back Alleys
You make your way unseen, stealing from the wealthy to achieve your ends.

You grew up in extreme poverty, among criminals. You still have some connections with the old neighborhood.
Pick one other PC. That character has a habit that annoys you, but you're otherwise quite impressed with their abilities.
Possible player intrusions based on your character type:
Friendly NPC
An NPC you don't know, someone you don't know that well, or someone you know but who hasn't been particularly friendly in the past chooses to help you, though doesn't necessarily explain why. Maybe they'll ask you for a favor in return afterward, depending on how much trouble they go to.

Perfect Suggestion
A follower or other already-friendly NPC suggests a course of action with regard to an urgent question, problem, or obstacle you're facing.

Unexpected Gift
An NPC hands you a physical gift you were not expecting, one that helps put the situation at ease if things seem strained, or provides you with a new insight for understanding the context of the situation if there's something you're failing to understand or grasp.

+2 to your Intellect Pool.
Granted from Learned

Possible GM intrusion from your focus:
Thieves are thrown in jail. Powerful enemies are made.

Cypher Casting
available from Uses Wild Magic
You can cast any of your subtle cyphers on another creature instead of yourself. You must touch the creature to affect it. Enabler. page 29 of Godforsaken