Leon Hayes MD is a Tier 6 Hardy Entertainer who Is Idolized By Millions in a Fairytale world

Special Abilities
Almost Unstoppable
While you are impaired on the damage track, you function as if you were hale. While you are debilitated, you function as if you were impaired. In other words, you don't suffer the effects of being impaired until you become debilitated, and you never suffer the effects of being debilitated. You still die if all your stat Pools are 0. Granted from Hardy
Captivate With Starshine
For as long as you speak, you keep the attention of all level 2 or lower NPCs who can hear you. If you also have the Enthrall ability, you can similarly captivate all level 3 NPCs. Action to initiate. Granted from Is Idolized By Millions
Discerning Mind
You have +3 Armor against damaging attacks and damaging effects that target your mind and Intellect. Defense rolls you make against attacks that attempt to confuse, persuade, frighten, or otherwise influence you are eased. Enabler. Granted from Helper, Magic
You gain an entourage of five level 1 twenty-somethings that accompanies you wherever you go unless you purposefully disband it for a particular outing. You can ask them to deliver things for you, run messages, pick up your dry cleaning-pretty much whatever you want, within reason. They can also run interference if you're trying to avoid someone, help hide you from media attention, help you muscle through a crowd, and so on. On the other hand, if a situation becomes physically violent, they retreat to safety. Enabler. Granted from Is Idolized By Millions
Expert Follower
You gain a level 3 follower. They are not restricted on their modifications. You can take this ability multiple times, each time gaining another level 3 follower. Alternatively, you could choose to advance a level 2 follower you already have to level 3 and then gain a new level 2 follower. Enabler. Granted from Is Idolized By Millions
Fast Healer
You halve the time it takes to make a recovery roll (minimum one action). Granted from Hardy
Incredible Health
Thanks to a dip in a magical pool, an injection of artificial antibodies and immune defense nanobots into your bloodstream, exposure to strange radiation, or something else, you are now immune to diseases, viruses, and mutations of any kind. Enabler. Granted from Is Idolized By Millions
Perks Of Stardom
You are adept at claiming the rewards that fame can generate. When you are recognized, you can be seated at any restaurant, be let into any government building, be invited to any show or sports event (even if they're sold out), get a seat at a private function of any sort, or get into any club, no matter how exclusive. When dealing with someone who can't or won't immediately give in to your desire, you gain an asset on all tasks related to persuasion if that person recognizes you or is convinced that you're a celebrity even if they don't recognize you. Enabler. Granted from Is Idolized By Millions
When you apply Effort when making a Speed roll, you must spend 1 extra point from your Speed Pool. Granted from Hardy
True Senses
You can see in complete darkness up to 50 feet (15 m) as if it were dim light. You recognize holograms, disguises, optical illusions, sound mimicry, and other such tricks (for all senses) for what they are. Enabler. Granted from Helper, Magic
Unexpected Betrayal
Within a round or two of successfully using Enthrall, Fast Talk, or a similar ability on a target within short range, the first attack you make on that target is eased by two steps. Once you use Unexpected Betrayal on a target, using your abilities or attempting simple persuasion on that target is permanently hindered by two steps. Enabler. Granted from Helper, Magic
Pool Cost T S I
Crowd Control
I 6+
Discipline Of Watchfulness
I 7
I 1
Fast Talk
I 1
Gather Intelligence
I 2
Impart Ideal
I 3
Knowing The Unknown
I 6
I 4
Perfect Stranger
I 3
I 6
I 6
I 5+
Transcend The Script
I 5
I 1 S
I 2 T
Do You Know Who I Am?
I 3 X
S 2
Celebrity Talent
Trained In Might Defense Actions
Light Weapons
Heavy Weapons
Medium Weapons
Your Big, Strong Body Is Slow To React
Practiced With Medium Weapons
Dmg Skill Pool Type
Light Weapon
2 P S L
2 P M L
Beloved's Kiss Level: 9
When pressed to the lips of a character, beloved's kiss prevents the occurrence of one specific condition of the cypher level or lower. Additionally, it ends any such ongoing effect, if any, in the user's system. Roll a d6 to determine the result. In the form of a ruby red ring. Rolled a 6. Renders the character immune to mental effects for one hour per cypher level (and ends any ongoing effects) Fairy Tale
Heart Of A Star Level: 3
For the next ten minutes, when the user helps another character while holding the star, that character's task is eased by an additional step. (If the user has an inability in the relevant skill, the other character's task is still eased.) In the form of a still-warm piece of a fallen star. Fairy Tale
Limit 2
Appropriate clothing and a light weapon of your choice, plus two expensive items, two moderately priced items, and up to four inexpensive items. Granted from Starting Equipment.
Armor 3
Your body was built to take abuse. Whether you're pounding down stiff drinks while holding up a bar in your favorite watering hole or trading blows with a thug in a back alley, you keep going, shrugging off hurts and injuries that might slow or incapacitate a lesser person. Neither hunger nor thirst, cut flesh nor broken bone can stop you. You just press on through the pain and continue. As fit and healthy as you are, the signs of wear show in the myriad scars crisscrossing your body, your thrice-broken nose, your cauliflower ears, and any number of other disfigurements you wear with pride.

Choose how you became involved in the adventure:
- The PCs recruited you after learning about your reputation as a survivor.
- You joined the PCs because you want or need the money.
- The PCs offered you a challenge equal to your physical power.
- You believe the only way the PCs will succeed is if you are along to protect them.

Is Idolized By Millions
You're a celebrity and most people adore you.

You have an annoying rival who always seems to get in your way or foil your plans.
Pick one other PC. Seeing you use your focus abilities seems to trigger an unpleasant memory in that character. That memory is up to the other PC, although they may not be able to consciously recall it.
Possible player intrusions based on your character type:
Friendly NPC
An NPC you don't know, someone you don't know that well, or someone you know but who hasn't been particularly friendly in the past chooses to help you, though doesn't necessarily explain why. Maybe they'll ask you for a favor in return afterward, depending on how much trouble they go to.

Perfect Suggestion
A follower or other already-friendly NPC suggests a course of action with regard to an urgent question, problem, or obstacle you're facing.

Unexpected Gift
An NPC hands you a physical gift you were not expecting, one that helps put the situation at ease if things seem strained, or provides you with a new insight for understanding the context of the situation if there's something you're failing to understand or grasp.

+4 to your Might Pool.
Granted from Hardy

Possible GM intrusion from your focus:
Fans are endangered or hurt on your behalf. Someone in your entourage betrays you. Your show, tour, contract, or other event is canceled. The media posts photos of you in an embarrassing situation.

available from Controls Gravity and Sculpts Hard Light
You can float and fly through the air for one hour. For each level of Effort applied, you can affect one additional creature of your size or smaller. You must touch the creature to bestow the power of flight. You direct the other creature's movement, and while flying, it must remain within sight of you or fall. In terms of overland movement, a flying creature moves about 20 miles (32 km) per hour and is not affected by terrain. Action to initiate. page 141 of Cypher System Rulebook